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"Logopark-Tver" has installed recycling equipment


Primary recycling equipment has been installed in the Multipurpose Logistic Complex (MPLC) "Logopark-Tver". Now, all useful fractions remaining from warehousing and storing processes will be sorted, pressed and submitted for further recycling.

"The issue of garbage and its influence on the mankind has been discussed at the highest government level for a long time, - says Felix Blinov, CEO of "RWM Capital" Investment group. - Unfortunately, a huge number of enterprises have only talks about it making no specific steps to improve the situation with waste recycling.

I am sure that any work, even the simplest one, will bring benefit if it is directed to the decrease of environmental pollution. Developing our projects, we try to pay maximal attention to the environment protection. The work of a warehouse is inseparably linked with the residues of solid waste (SW). Our partner, operating company "PRO Realty", has suggested installing the primary recycling equipment in the MPLC "Logopark-Tver". Now, 8 types of SW are sorted there including different types of plastic, packaging paper, cardboard, uncontaminated film and so forth. It is possible to recycle up to 90% of such wastes. The pressed waste is sent to processing enterprises of the Tver and Moscow regions. The relevant contracts are already signed".

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