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Earth Hour: Domnikov Business Centre went dark to highlight plight of planet


On 30 March 2019, the Domnikov Business Centre participated in Earth Hour, a worldwide movement organized by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). It turned off its non-essential lights when local clocks hit 8.30 pm.

Evgenii Shmurnov, the Company’s Head of the Project Administration and Management Department, said: “It is not the first time the lights of the Domnikov Business Centre are switched off in response to the global movement. And we are more than happy that a great number of companies we work with are eager to support us and participate as well.”

Cities worldwide take part in WWF event to call for global action on climate change. The Earth Hour gesture calls for greater awareness and more sparing use of resources, especially fossil fuels that produce carbon gases and lead to global warming. In Russia 700 cities and towns switched off their lights, with more than 2000 buildings gone dark in Moscow.

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