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2015 year

«RWM Capital» investment group continued an active expansion in the real estate market. In the list of assets of the funds managed by the managing company (a part of the group) entered land plots with a total area of more than 2.1 thousand hectares of land in the Moscow region.

The company closed its first acquisition on foreign real estate market. It’s an office building located in the central business district of Glasgow (UK).

Signed a long-term contract to manage the largest enterprise in the field of road construction and repair in the Chelyabinsk region. «RWM Capital» investment group formed and started to implement a new development strategy of the enterprise.

2014 year

RWM Capital Investment Group entered the real estate market of St. Petersburg. Acquired a pool of apartments in the residential complex «Peterhof cascade»  and business center «Sinop». Completed the acquisition of shares in venture capital projects DinVIO, RoadAR, Yagla. The total investment in venture projects is $1 million. Continues active promotion of such product as  «sale & leaseback» (SLB). In 2014, the SLB list-objects was enlarged by two fitness clubs (Moscow ul. Zhitnaya, 14,2 and the fitness club Moscow, Pyatnitskoe shosse, 29).

2013 year

The company is systematically increasing its footprint in the sphere of real estate and private equity and rapidly develops new areas of activity. «Sale and leaseback» became one of the new investment directions on real estate market. At the beginning of this year was consummated the first sale and leaseback deal with Russian Fitness Group (RFG). In the summer of 2013, the company came into a new market of warehousing property. The main asset is a transport and logistics hub in Tver region. Residential property became another new investment direction in the real estate market. The first assets were purchased. Diversifying its activities within the private equity direction, there was decided to come into the market of venture investments. The company focused on financing of venture projects on early stages of development. The first deals were consummated. Coming into the endowment market became another global change for the company.

2012 year

The company is actively developing its real estate investments which by the end of 2012 accounted for more than half of the assets. 100% of the area of block «B» of the building in Myakinino in Moscow region and 85% of the area of the Domnikov business center have been leased out. The company starts to work with a new product «sale & leaseback».

2011 year

Control of RWM Capital Investment Group was transferred to the company.RWM Capital Aasset Management becomes one of the largest private management companies by the volume of assets under management and takes a leading position at the Russian market. The company partners are the largest Russian companies with top positions in the strategically important economic sectors. The company has successfully completed the JSC Transvagonmash project. The project launched in 2011 is investment of funds in the shares of OJSC «RusRailLeasing».

2010 year

The company continues to look for and select attractive assets in different sectors of the Russian economy. Successfully completed the direct investment funds in minority block of the largest Russian commercial bank, started in 2006. Begins work on a unique real-estate project - Domnikov Business Center that is located next to the Sadovoye Ring in Moscow.

2009 year

The company wins trust and reputation in the investment market and ensure effective output from investment in shares of VElNII, Baltic container terminal, Tver carriage works, Mostotrest.

2008 year

RWM Capital Investment Group successfully implements investment projects in different industries. The company launches new real estate project – a «boutique» business centre «Malaya Dmitrovka», located near the Boulevard ring in Moscow.

2007 year

The company launches the work on the projects in such sectors as design and exploration, extraction and processing of minerals, insurance and banking, real estate, logistics, etc.

2006 year

To pool investment efforts, develop a coordinated investment strategy and attract long-term investments in large-scale projects in different sectors of the Russian economy was established RWM Capital Investment Group. Key partner and shareholder is the non-state pension fund «BLAGOSOSTOYANIE».