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Concession agreements on toll cross-overs construction signed between the Government of the Moscow Region and RWM Capital


The Government of the Moscow region and RWM Capital signed 2 concession agreements on the construction of toll cross-overs in Ramenskoye and Mozhaysk. The Government of the Moscow region was represented by Igor Treskov, Minister of Transport and Road Infrastructure.

In February this year, The Government of the Moscow region and RWM Capital signed a cooperation agreement at the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi. The agreement stated that the government of the Moscow region and RWM Capital would work together on attracting extra budget investment for region-focused projects, including those within a state-private partnership.

“It will be RWM Capital obligation to develop 2 projects in the Region – in Ramenskoye and Mozhaysk – including all the engineering, construction and maintenance”, said Igor Treskov.

The Government of the Moscow region expects that the territories now divided by the railroad line will see rapid growth of their economies as toll cross-overs will allow a high level of their accessibility. The concession agreement is designed for 22 years, while the actual building is to take 2 years. The investment in the projects amounts to more than RUB 2,5bn.

“We have already been working with the governments of Chelyabinsk, Tver and Leningrad regions. However, the investment of RUB 2,5bn in the projects in the Moscow region is by far the biggest in our private concessive initiative project portfolio,” said Feliks Blinov, CEO of the RWM Capital Investment Group. “We will be happy to contribute to the development of the Moscow region. We are in no doubt that this agreement will become a beginning of a mutually profitable collaboration between the Region and the Company.”

The projects concerning the toll-overs construction are being carried out in compliance with the strategy introduced by the Governor of the Moscow region. Its main objective is to improve road infrastructure in territories divided by railroad lines as well as road quality.

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