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Sberbank Investments and RWM Capital planning to invest in commercial property projects together


Sberbank Investments LLC (a 100% subsidiary of Sberbank) and the RWM Capital Investment Group have signed a cooperation agreement. According to it, the companies are going to potentially collaborate in investing in commercial property projects in Russia. They will co-operate to choose among different types of commercial property (offices, retail, and warehousing) with an idea of finding the best investment opportunities.

Funds for selected projects will be mainly raised by a REIT, with particulate projects to be funded directly by Sberbank. In case the collaboration proves to be a success, Sberbank’s share in the investment will not go beyond 50 % in every single project.

James Corrigan, Managing Director of the Sberbank CIB’s Merchant Banking and Advisory Department, said: “The Russian commercial property market is growing fast becoming more and more attractive to investors. We expect our collaboration with RWM Capital to be not only mutually productive but also beneficial to the further development of this part of the Russian economy as we are going to employ REITs and other alternative financing tools.”

Feliks Blinov, CEO of the RWM Capital Investment Group, added: “The commercial property market of Russia is definitely having its moment retaining its attractiveness to investors. The forecasted shrinking of the deposit portfolio will be stimulating for it,too. I am sure that our partnership with Sberbank will mean launching some very interesting investment projects. Even more so because we have all the necessary resources and expertise at our disposal.”

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