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Sinop Business Centre eliminates unregulated parking


Parking gates have been installed on the territory adjacent to the Sinop Business Center (22A Sinop Embankment, St. Petersburg). The main objective of the innovation is to protect the building perimeter and eliminate unregulated parking around the business centre. Gating mechanisms comply with international safety standards and are compatible with all access control systems.

“In Sinop, as at all other premises that are the assets of the funds under our management, we give a priority not only to the comfort of our tenants and guests, but also to their safety”, says Evgeniy Shmurnov, team leader of division on projects support and control of “RWM Capital” Investment group. “Access restriction and control is one of the most important safety components”.

Another quite acute problem that we are solving by the restriction of access to the adjacent territory is unregulated parking. From year to year, there are more and more cars in St. Petersburg as in any other metropolis, so the issue of parking becomes very important.

On the one hand, we understand car owners who work in the neighbouring buildings but, on the other hand, their cars often block the entrance to the Sinop Business Centre for our tenants, damage adjoining lawns, curbs and sidewalks and spoil their appearance. Now the problem is solved”.

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