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RWM Capital Asset Management has created a new closed-end mutual fund


RWM Capital Asset Management has created the RWM Fond Nedvizhimosti closed-end mutual fund; its shares are assigned to professional investors and are restricted in use.

At present the Company has already 12 closed-end mutual funds (with 10 of them those of real estate) and RUB 36 billion under management. This year the Company is going to invest substantially in residential property relying on the investment shares under management. Money from private and public businesses is one of the sources of forming new mutual funds.

One of the new investment projects in 2018 is a piece of comfort-class residential property in the North-Western Administrative District of Moscow. The Company intends to invest RUB 500 million in its development.

“Today it is residential property that is thriving on the real estate market,” said Feliks Blinov, Managing Director of RWM Capital Asset Management. “We see the real estate market growing and developing new projects interesting from an investor’s point of view. To invest in the real estate market still is the safest way to deal with your money. The expertise of our Company in this area is remarkable. For example, we have already implemented 3 big projects in the Moscow and Leningrad regions within the RWM Zhilaia Nedvizhimost mutual fund. This project helped us find new business partners, too. I am in no doubt that the projects we would like to start this year will attract attention of our investors.”

“Class B and C residential property appears to be the most attractive to investment nowadays. And it would better include satisfactory construction and interior finishes as a modern buyer prefers a ready-made product,” said Gavriil Korolev, Head of the Real Estate Department. “The ideal situation is when an apartment is built, its construction and basic interior finished, and there is a metro station nearby. Besides, our buyers are getting younger so they do not want to live in anonymous Soviet-like building blocks as their parents did. Residential property now, while being up-to-date inside, is to be modern and distinctive on the outside. Another key advantage for any piece of residential property is infrastructure.”

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