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Business Center “Domnikov” is switched to energy conserving lighting


Business Center “Domnikov” is being switched to application of the new lighting system.

From now on energy conserving LED-lamps will be used in the underground parking facility of “Domnikov”. In the near future technical areas and public places will also be switched to the new lighting system. Eventually, it is planned to replace the lighting system in all leased areas.

“Electric utility bills are a significant part of expenses for maintenance of any facility and lighting accounts for almost the lion’s share of such expenses, - says Evgeny Shmurnov, Team leader of division on project support and control of “RWM Сapital” Investment group. – Naturally, savings may be achieved by means of installing motion sensors or, for instance, in a traditional way i.e. by means of turning off the light when it is not needed. However, this is not applicable in the areas and zones where it is impossible to turn off the lights, for example, in the underground parking space.

The only solution is application of energy conserving lamps. Transition to the new system will allow Business Center “Domnikov” to save approximately 2 million Rubles. In addition to obvious economicс efficiency the energy conserving lighting is also safe and eco-friendly. It is very important for us. LED-lamps contain no harmful substances and produce no adverse impact on the environment and human health.”

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