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Playing like children (RWM team invades KIDZANIA for its NY Party)


Unlike our habitual NY parties this year we decided to try something new. Why not invite not just your colleagues but their partners and children as well? And to shift the venue from an ordinary location to KIDZANIA, a real city for little heroes? Done! Here we were in the place where no adults were usually allowed.

Nevertheless finding ourselves on the kids’ territory laid some restrictions on your behavior – we were not simply a group of grown-ups in an entertainment park for children, we were children who were literally excused to act like grown-ups. KIDZANIA was so much like a real city with convenience stores, hospitals and schools. They even had a Bolshoy Theatre of sorts there. And that was the place where it all started…

An actual theatrical performance was presented before the RWM team and their family members. And who, pray, were the actors? Their colleagues with whom they used to share a tea kettle in the staff kitchen! On the list we had every magical character imaginable – Father Frost, Snow Man (his assistant) and two beautiful snowflakes, Buratino, Pierrot, Koschei the Deathless, luxurious Alice the Fox and Basilio the Cat. The performance proved to be a great success and brought the audience to their feet.

Though marvelous and striking, the theatricals were not the termination of the day. The rules of KIDZANIA had to be respected: two RWM sub-teams were thrown into the realities of the kid-size world. We cooked, we performed an act of surgery, we became a popular pop band, we were secret agents, we even were glamorous air pilots!

An array of NY-themed activities was organized for those who felt clever with their hands. So glamorous air pilots and very discreet and secretive secret agents timidly formed a small queue to try and make a holiday decoration or a card of their own design and making.

We will never know who was happier that day at KIDZANIA – RWM team or their children!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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