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Feliks Blinov elected chairman of RGMD Investment Committee


Feliks Blinov, CEO of the RWM Capital Investment Group, was elected as a chairman of a new Investment Committee in the Russian Guild of Property Managers and Developers. The committee was established on the initiative of RWM Capital. The committee’s main topic of discussion is going to be commercial and residential property investment.

“The present-day real estate market of Russia is to become competitive and transparent. To make it like that is the main objective of the Russian Guild of Property Managers and Developers,” said Nikolai Kazanskii. “The Guild is changing with the market. The Guild must be attractive to market players - it means constant development: we take new members (many from the regions of Russia), create new councils and committees. For the Guild, there is no other choice, but to be focused on market changes and upcoming trends in the trade. And it is high time our new Guild members came up with an initiative to set up an investment committee. Investment has been a point of interest among Guild members for quite a while, but there were not enough human resources capable of developing this particular angel. We are happy that professionals from RWM Capital were willing to stand up to the challenge and lead the way.”

“It seems that real estate investment will never stop attracting men of business. It is hardly surprising as ral estate investment represents the most secure means of passive income,” said Feliks Blinov, the chairman of the RGMD Investment Committee. “That is one of the reasons why we would like to make our discussions within the committee sessions very informative. It is our desire to explain the real situation on the real estate market to other members; teach them the way it will be possible for them to profit from real estate investment; keep them up-to-date with the regulations.”

One of the new trends on the real estate market is a REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust). Being a matter of fact thing abroad, it is still looked down upon in incomprehension and distrust in this country. However, REITs are forecast to become the actual Future of the real estate investment. That is why we see it as our mission to promote REITs as a successful business strategy.

The RGMD is planning to organize a number of themed discussions and business events to enable market players to share their opinions and experience in the world of real estate investment, discuss common approaches to dealing with Commercial and Residential properties from a real estate dealer’s point of view. The Investment Committee is also given the task of dealing with the improvement of regulations under which the real estate investment sphere is currently operating. The members of the Committee are expected to work on comments and suggestion to these regulations in order to make them effective, while making working in the sphere of real estate investment productive and profitable without corrupting it.

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