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RWM Capital’s assets under management reached RUB 47bn


With 19 REITs in the Company’s investment portfolio, RWM Capital’s assets under management reached RUB 47bn by the end of 2019. Compared to last year, the funds under management has grown in net asset value by 17,5%.

«It was our strategic goal for 2019 to hit RUB 45bn in AUM. In fact, however, the year has exceeded our expectations, and we finished it boasting of RUB 47bn,” said Feliks Blinov, CEO of the RWM Capital Investment Group. “We are particularly interested in REITs, because they are universally known and understood as tax efficient structures for investment in real estate. In 2020, we are going to add to our portfolio properties which will be attractive to our investors and which definitely will earn profits for them.”

RWM Capital Asset Management (part of the RWM Capital Investment Group) have been promoting REITs for more than 10 years.

Russian REITs have recently shown remarkable growth: with changes to legislation and with private investors unwilling to keep their money in bank accounts anymore, REITs became hugely popular among private investors.

A real estate investment trust or REIT is a safe and flexible investment tool. Besides, it enjoys a special tax status. A REIT is a passive investment vehicle which acquires and holds income generating real estates. REITs are driven primarily by recurrent rental income from real estates, providing stable and consistent income to unit holders.

As well as strong performance and regular income, REITs offer access to sector specialists who are experts in selecting the best assets to provide long-term, dependable profits.

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