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The Sinop Business Centre introduces a new IT product


The process of introduction of a new IT product has been completed in the Sinop Business Centre. Now all tenants will be able to install a special application on their cell phones allowing sending messages to the maintenance department, and the operating company will be able to respond instantly to comments, notifications and suggestions regarding public areas and places.

“We are trying to pay maximal attention not only to important issues, but also to all details pertaining to the comfort of our tenants”, says Evgeniy Shmurnov, team leader of division on projects support and control of “RWM Capital” Investment group. “A new IT product has been introduced to respond quickly and efficiently to any problems, even small ones. Hardly can you find a person without a cell phone in “Sinop” - this means that any tenant company employee can quickly inform what he needs: for example, urgent cleaning, a lamp replacement, regulation of air-conditioning system, and much more.

The “Sinop” tenants reacted positively to the possibility of installing such an application and now are actively using it”.

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