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Project of the “Artiste” Charity foundation and “Territory” Festival


Sergey Orlov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of “RWM Capital” Investment group gave an idea and sponsored the staging of a performance “Before and After”, a joint social project of the “Artiste” Charity Foundation, “Dmitriy Brusnikin Workshop” and “Territory” International Theatre Festival.

The characters of the multi-genre documentary project are real people fostered by the “Artiste” Charity Foundation, senior Russian actors and retired theatre workers who take well-deserved rest. Young students of Dmitriy Brusnikin’s course at the Moscow Art Theatre School have visited the elderly people as volunteers over several months, helped them, were talking to them over a cup of tea, and gathered precious material that formed a dramaturgical basis of the unique performance.

The performance was presented twice at the New Space of the Theatre of Nations: to the visitors immediately after the end of the “Territory” Festival, and, on October 21, 2016, to friends, partners and persons under the charge of the “Artiste” Charity Foundation that celebrated its eight birthday.

The performance has got response from the spectators and is likely to go on at the stage of the Theatre of Nations. The greater part of receipts from the performance will be contributed to the “Artiste” Charity Foundation to proceed with the “SOS” program for support of elderly theatre and cinema actors.

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