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Non-Credit Rating of RWM Capital MC Was Confirmed at A+ Level


The National Rating Agency (NRA) has confirmed a non-credit rating of reliability and quality of services of the RWM Capital management company according to the national scale of management companies for the Russian Federation at level «А+||» with a stable outlook, which suggests that the current rating level will be maintained for the next 12 months.

The RWM Capital management company specializes in the management of closed-end mutual funds. Currently, there are 21 closed-end unit investment funds under the management of MC RWM Capital CJSC, the total value of assets of which exceeds 53 billion rubles.

The high expert assessment with confirmation of the rating at the A+ level is due to the company's significant experience and competencies in the field of managing closed-end unit investment funds, the investment quality of the asset portfolio under management, where the predominant share is represented by real estate, providing a stable rent stream.

The positive assessment of the company's activities, aimed at increasing the number of market clients, the increase in assets under management and the growth of business profitability contributed to the confirmation of the rating level of MC RWM Capital.

Among key positive factors of the rating assessment the NRA noted the company's long experience and competence in the field of real estate asset management, a high estimate of the risk management system, especially in the management of closed-end unit investment funds, the company's plans to further increase the range of funds under management, to introduce new services and expand sales channels.

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