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Social responsibility

Social responsibility

Social responsibility

«I think many people assume, wrongly, that a company exists simply to make money. While this is an important result of a company’s existence, we have to go deeper and find the real reasons for our being. As we investigate this, we inevitably come to the conclusion that a group of people get together and exist as an institution that we call a company so they are able to accomplish something collectively which they could not accomplish separately. They are able to do something worthwhile— they make a contribution to society».

David Packard, founder of Hewllet - Packard

Dear Friends, colleagues and partners!

This section is about our initiatives in the area of social responsibility concerning environmental protection, solving social and economic problems, improving the quality of life, maintaining human rights, fighting corruption and other issues. The importance of these activity areas has long been recognized. The management of “RWM Capital Investment Group” is trying to make corporate social responsibility to become a new philosophy that will allow not only getting profit but also solving important and burning questions in the public interest. Corporate social responsibility should consider interests of main stakeholders such as employees, shareholders, investors, state bodies, clients, partners and general public.

Our company has a project for employees called Social Guarantee Cafeteria. The program gives an opportunity to select a personal social package filling it with the products that are of interest and use to each particular employee and his family members.

More about Social Guarantee Cafeteria

Among the options offered at the Cafeteria there is not only the standard medical insurance mandatory for all employees. The company supports healthy life style, so one option deals with sports activities. Thanks to the partnership program with the Russian Fitness Group and corporate discounts employees can select a most suitable fitness club of the World Class and World Class Lite chain and purchase a membership for a year.

For those who would like to improve his/her knowledge of a foreign language or start learning English for example there is an option of individual or group lessons with teachers from Dialog Executive Language Center who come to the office when it is convenient for employees.

It is also possible to get additional kinds of insurance such as life insurance and foreign travel insurance or to increase the limits on corporate mobile communication.

We created the project for the purpose of keeping the core company employees and creating additional competitive benefits attracting most competent workers in the job market. We are planning to continue using a flexible system of options to expand the selection and increase a number of partners.


Our company pays a lot of attention to environmental issues. The company provides an active support to its investment project initiatives that are targeting reduction of pollution, development of groundbreaking technologies, strengthening the efficiency of natural resources use, preservation of local ecosystem and introduction of resource-saving technologies.

The management and employees of our company are certainly trying to play an active part in the life of society as much as possible. Recently we began to implement a new “RWM Capital” corporate social project called Help Together. Nowadays development of modern technologies allows uniting of a great many people with their individual worthy intentions to support a good cause. It is possible to attract the attention of a wide circle of friends and acquaintances to a problem and to solve it faster and more efficiently through mobilizing of a large interesting community quickly. We would like to join the efforts of our company, its management, its employees, our friends, partners and clients in support of really worthwhile causes.

Our initiative was supported via crowdfunding platform. It is a special site helping those who need assistance to provide maximum information about themselves and their project and those willing to help - to do so by various methods of payment while information about a good cause easily be shared.

We post some of projects from at our site at the special section Helping Together. There are direct links from there to specific projects that we are all trying to support at the moment. Campaign participants can view collection of funds, its completion and results in real time. Now it is easy to help together! We are inviting everyone to join.

Our company also provides address charitable support. For a number of years we have been co-operating with the Bulat Okudzhava State Memorial Museum in Peredelkino, with the Artist charitable foundation supporting artistic community and with some other charitable foundations.

I am truly convinced that social responsibility and more specifically corporate social responsibility does not only improve the company's image but changes the world for better.

Sergei Orlov, Chairman of Board of Directors of RWM Capital Investment Group,
member of the Presidium of the General Council of the Business Russia (Delovaya Rossiya) All-Russian public organization,
Chairman of the Committee on Business Social Responsibility, Charity and Patronage,
Chairman of the All-Russian Good Cause (Blagoe Delo) Award Steering Committee