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The National Rating Agency (NRA) has raised the credit rating of RWM Capital Management Company to A+ with a stable outlook.

Five new closed-end mutual funds were formed under the management of RWM Capital Management Company.

The net asset value of funds under the management of MC RWM Capital reached 47 billion rubles.

Krasnoyarsk Recycling Company steadily improves its efficiency and quality of waste removal. In October 2021, KRC had a new director with relevant industry experience appointed.

We received two environmental awards for the video series "Sort Your Waste Properly" - the project was the winner in the Ecology Awareness category of the National Ecological Award named after V.I. Vernadsky and a 2nd degree laureate of the EcoWorld-2021 International Ecology Prize

The student campus in Seville, Spain, has been completed and opened its doors to students in September 2021.

The company's experts took part in forming the basis for a program to build modern student campuses in Russia, together with VEB.RF and the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation. The Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation expressed its gratitude for the RWM participation in this work.


Despite the COVID-19 pandemic-related lockdown, all jobs were maintained and pay levels for all the Group’s specialists remained unchanged. More than 90% of the employees have switched to working from home.

The total net asset value of the funds managed by the RWM Capital management company was preserved at 45 billion rubles.

Three new closed-end investment funds were formed under the RWM Capital management: ZPIF RWM Michurinsky for investments in residential real estate projects, ZPIF RWM Commercial Real Estate and ZPIF RWM Commercial Real Estate No. 1.

Krasnoyarsk Recycling Company successfully adapted its business to the new normal dictated by the pandemic, and continued to provide waste disposal services to the population in full.

First Recycling Company, a new project by RWM Capital Group in Krasnoyarsk, collected 140 tons of plastic waste, more than half of which was processed and transferred for recycling.

RWM Capital’s initiative to build a modern waste-sorting facility and eco-technopark received a positive response from the Krasnoyarsk Krai Government.

New investors were attracted to the Group’s European investment project in Seville, Spain, bank financing was secured and the construction of a student dormitory entered its final stage.


The assets under management reached RUB 45bn. The Company’s direct investment outflow grew to RUB 1bn.

The Krasnoyarsk Recycling Company earned gratitude from the Government of the Krasnoyarsk region for their work during the course of the 2019 Winter Universiade.

MostAlience succeeded in obtaining a building permit for the construction of 2 toll cross-overs in the Moscow region.

The Uchaly grain elevator reconstruction project became one of the major investment projects in the Republic of Bashkortostan.

RWM Capital launched a new international project – a student housing development in Seville (Spain).

Domnikov Business Centre saw the lowest office vacancy rate of just 1%.

The Company made a successful exit from Online Patent. The venture project was launched in 2014 to become a one-click tool of submitting, registering and obtaining trademarks and patents.

At the REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT FOR THE BETTER RUSSIA TOMORROW Forum, RWM Capital was recognized for their contribution to the protection of the environment and the promotion of sustainable development.


The Company focused on public-private partnership projects. At the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi, a cooperation agreement was signed between the Governor of the Moscow Region and RWM Capital. The Company started developing 2 toll bridges in Ramenskoye and Mozhaysk – both to become the first railway overcrossings in the region.

RWM Capital embarked on a MSW Management project in Krasnoyarsk. The Krasnoyarsk Recycling Company was chosen to provide waste management and recycling services in the Levoberezhnaya Technological Valley.

Sberbank Investments LLC and the RWM Capital Investment Group signed a cooperation agreement. The companies plan to collaborate in commercial property investment projects in Russia.

The Sinop Business Centre was successfully sold. It became one of the top property deals of the year for the players of the city real estate market.

RWM Capital sold its shares in OPTEUM to Yandex.Taxi. The Company’s VC Fund had invested in OPTEUM in 2015. It became its first successful exit.

The total amount of assets under management reached RUB 36,9bn.


2 new big closed-end mutual funds were formed under the Company’s management – the RWM Novorizhsky Development and the RWM Real Estate Fund with more than RUB 2 billion in assets. The RWM Capital Investment Group had RUB 36 billion in assets under management.
The year became for the Company the time for the massive expansion into the regions of Russia. The Group actively liaised with the governments of the Moscow, Tver, and Chelyabinsk regions. There were new projects launched within a public-private partnership along with private concessive initiatives developed with and authorized by the regional governments. An example of such an initiative is a Chelyabinsk-Yekaterinburg high-speed rail, a special project developed by Ural Expressway economic partnership.
Two private concessive initiatives were launched in the Moscow region concerning a construction of railway over-crossings.
A business area of real estate trust management got a boost as well. One of the most important deals of the year became the sale of the Myakinino Business Complex to Renaissance Life (a part of the Company‘s closed-end mutual fund RWM Business Assets). A sale of the Oruzeyny Business Centre marked a successful implementation of the SLB deal with TransContainer, the national biggest multimodal container operator.
The Sinop Business Centre became a top 100 best Business and Shopping Centres of Russia and the leader in respect of the quality and quantity of its tenants among all the other A class Business Property in St. Petersburg. Among these prominent tenants are Gazprombank, Gazprom St. Petersburg, Gazpromneft-Angara, Gazpromneft-Sakhalin, Insurance Company SOGAZ, Regus and Ilim Timber.
The Company closed a deal concerning a share in the Mirow Venture Project (special mirrors for the fashion retail industry). Startup Ranking named Online Patient the best Intellectual Property project of the year. RoadAR decided to go ICO.


RWM Capital Investment Group carried on developing its key business areas. The value of the assets under management grew, and the Company showed the best results in 5 years. Trust management revenue increased by 15 % with RUR 31,4 billion in assets under management.

The Company grew its share in the markets of projects consulting and anti-crisis management. Such well-known Russian companies as JSC Baltic International Bank, Commercial Bank “Absolut Bank” (PAO), KIT Finance Capital Ltd became our partners. The real estate assets managed by the Group improved in quality. A new long-distance CCTV was introduced to the Sinop Business Centre in St. Petersburg alongside a modernized navigation system. A1 Park software (online parking booking) was used for the first time in the Domnikov Business Centre.

The main objective of the Monino Project became a creation of a new leader in the field of medico-social rehabilitation of the Moscow region. The project was rebranded respectively.

The land plots composing a part of the Podmoskovny closed-end mutual fund got involved in agricaltural activities. The use of Sberbank-AST Electronic Trading Platform (ETP) helped find new profile investors and undertake reserves capitalization.

AST Electronic Trading Platform (ETP) helped find new profile investors and undertake reserves capitalization.

YAGLA venture project reinforced its position in the market of contextual advertising. Online Patent in cooperation with Webnames launched a new service that enabled people to register their trademarks in Rospatent online. Opteum started a taxi app for both operators and taxi drivers in Greek; it also acquired its first client in Cyprus.


The RWM Capital Investment Group continued its active expansion into the real estate market. On the list of assets of the funds under management there appeared land plots with a total area of more than 2,1 thousand hectares in the Moscow region. The Company closed its first acquisition on foreign real estate market - an office building located in the central business district of Glasgow (UK). The RWM Capital Investment Group signed a long-term contract to manage the largest enterprise in the field of road construction and repair in the Chelyabinsk region. The Group formed and started to implement a new development strategy of the enterprise.


The RWM Capital Investment Group entered the real estate market of St. Petersburg. The Group acquired a pool of apartments in the Peterhof cascade Residential Complex and Sinop Business Centre; completed the acquisition of shares in such venture capital projects as DinVIO, RoadAR, and Yagla. The total investment in venture projects amounted to $1 million. The Company continued the active promotion SLB. In 2014, the SLB list was enlarged by two fitness clubs in Moscow.


The Company was constantly expanding in the sphere of real estate and private equity; and rapidly developed new areas of activity. SLB became one of the new investment directions in the real estate market. At the beginning of the year the first SLB deal with Russian Fitness Group (RFG) was consummated. In summer the Company came into a new market of warehouse property. The main asset was a transport and logistics hub in the Tver region. Residential property became another new investment direction in the real estate market. The first assets were purchased. Diversifying its activities within the private equity direction, it was decided to come into the market of venture investments. The Company focused on financing venture projects on early stages of development. The first deals were made. Coming into the endowment market became another radical change for the Company.


The Company was actively developing its real estate investments which by the end of 2012 accounted for more than half of the assets. 100% of the Myakinino Business Complex office space in the Moscow region and 85% of the Domnikov Business Centre offices were leased out. The Company started to work with a new product - sale and leaseback (SLB).


Control of the RWM Capital Investment Group was transferred to the Company. RWM Capital Asset Management became one of the largest private management companies by the volume of assets under management and took a leading position in the Russian market. The Company’s partners now were the largest Russian companies with top positions in the strategically important economic sectors. The Company had successfully completed the Transvagonmash project. The project that had been launched in 2011, was an investment of funds in the shares of RusRailLeasing.


The Company continued to look for and select attractive assets in different sectors of the Russian economy. The Company successfully completed the direct investment funds in minority block of the largest Russian commercial bank that had started in 2006. The Company began its work on a unique real-estate project – the Domnikov Business Centre located next to the Sadovoye Ring of Moscow.


The Company won trust and reputation in the investment market and ensured effective output from investment in shares of VElNII, Baltic container terminal, Tver carriage works, Mostotrest.


The RWM Capital Investment Group successfully implemented investment projects in different industries. The Company launched a new real estate project - Malaya Dmitrovka, a boutique business centre located near the Boulevard ring of Moscow.


The Company launched the work on the projects in such sectors as design and exploration, extraction and processing of minerals, insurance and banking, real estate, logistics, etc.


The RWM Capital Investment Group was established in 2006 in order to pool investment efforts, develop a coordinated investment strategy and attract long-term investments to large-scale projects in different sectors of the Russian economy.  The Company’s key partner and shareholder became the BLAGOSOSTOYANIE non-state pension fund.